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Criteria For Grant Applications

Halifax Foundation is an independent non-profit organization created by an Act of the Nova Scotia Legislature, with mandate to support, from earnings on invested contributions, existing and new endeavours in arts and culture, education, environment, health, heritage, recreation and social response that enhance public places, facilities and public services in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The Foundation initiates public projects itself and, to the extent its available funds allow, considers applications for financial assistance from other charities that comply with these guidelines. As a registered charity itself, the Foundation can make such grants only to “qualified donees”, a defined term in the Income Tax Act which may usefully be interpreted as confined to registered charities.

To ensure accountability and effectiveness in grant-making, the Foundation has developed the following guidelines for those seeking its financial support:

The Foundations will NOT make Grants to or for:

Grant Applications

Applications, in appropriate detail and with supporting documentation, must be made in the prescribed application form, which follows.


Application form GrantApplication.pdf

Applications should be addressed to:

Grants Review Committee,
Halifax Foundation
PO Box 2635
Halifax NS B3J 3A5

Halifax Foundation Grant Applications